4 At-Home Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day

We’ve all been spending A LOT of time at home lately, and with the current pandemic restrictions still in place, date nights for most of us have been few and far between.

This Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be another night of binging Netflix with boring takeout (unless that’s your thing!)

Here are four at-home date night ideas to spend some one-on-one time together with your partner!

Indoor Picnic IdeaIndoor Date IdeasCelebrate Valentine’s Day with a beautiful, cozy indoor picnic idea!
You can easily recreate this with supplies you already have at home.

Start with your base – lay out fluffy rugs or throw blankets.
Add Layers – a low coffee table, a pallet, a wooden 1 x 6 board, a crate or trays all work as your serving area
Next, toss some cushions on as floor pillows.
Add greenery for a boho vibe, and if you’re feeling creative, you can make an easy no-sew teepee or purchase one here.
Set your table with pink and red snacks, some Rosé and some candles to complete the romance.

Pick up or order dinner from a local restaurant to give you both a cooking break!
Turn on some music, sit back and enjoy each other’s company without the TV’s distractions or background restaurant noise.


Valentine's Day Picnic Valentine's Day Picnic











Indoor Picnic











Shop this set up:

DIY At Home Restaurant

If you’re missing the feeling of being at a restaurant, you can create an intimate restaurant for two right at home.

Using sheets, I partitioned a section of our home to create the illusion of not being home. I set a café table for two and added some hanging florals, string lights and candles for effect.

Of course, order takeout from your favourite restaurant because unless you enjoy cooking, why not let a pro take care of it!

At home date ideas

Other at-home date night ideas

Spa Night for two

Put on some bathrobes, lay out some white sheets and towels and treat yourselves to facial masks, hand masks and massages.

Games and cocktails

Many local restaurants or distilleries offer cocktail kits that give anywhere from 4 to 10 drinks. Have some delicious cocktails and get competitive with some two-person games.

Two-person board games:
Invisible Think
Sushi Go Card game
Speed or spit card games



These at-home date ideas may be just what is needed to spice up your lives a little. You’ll be surprised at how nice it feels to spend quality time together, especially if you have little ones at home!


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