Weekend in Toronto

Have you ever returned somewhere after a long time of being away and It instantly felt like you were right back at home? That’s the feeling I got after returning to Toronto after 11 years since moving away.
We were there for only 2 ½ days so we didn’t get to do everything we would have wanted, but the time we spent wandering the streets as a family gave me life!

After the summer we’ve had in Edmonton this year, I’m sure the beautiful +25°C or above weather every day was partly “clouding” my vision (pun intended). But what I also loved was our ability to walk and walk and hit one cool neighbourhood after another. I loved the old churches and brick houses. I loved that the humidity makes everything bloom and green.

Restaurants were open late and there’s an actual downtown that doesn’t seem to vanish after 6 pm.

The diversity and culture are apparent immediately and even though Torontonian’s have a bad rep about being unfriendly (sorry, I didn’t make that up!), we were met everywhere with kindness and smiles.

We stayed in an Air BnB in The Annex area, one of Toronto’s oldest neighbourhoods and I immediately fell in love with the annex style homes and their lovely brick exteriors and front porches.


We spent time exploring the Annex, Kensington Market, Graffiti Alley and ended up downtown by the CN tower in hopes to go to Ripley Aquarium. Unfortunately, we didn’t anticipate how long the line-up would be on a Saturday afternoon!

We ate at Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen (which is THE cutest restaurant) and had more ice cream than we could handle at Dutch Dreams (definitely check it out if you’re ever there!).

We found we didn’t need our rental car, we walked and took transit everywhere which we found super easy! Overall, we loved being back in Toronto and wish had had more time to explore.

What are your favourite things about Toronto?



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