Natural Childbirth – Xavier’s Birth Story

“Birth is an opportunity to transcend. To rise above what we are accustomed to, reach deeper inside ourselves than we are familiar with, and to see not only what we are truly made of, but the strength we can access in and through Birth.” — Marcie Macari

It was such a pleasant experience” is hardly what you hear people say when describing giving birth, let alone an all natural birth,  but I can honestly say… “It was such a pleasant experience” and mean it!

Read below for my full (candid) birth story!

My entire pregnancy I was terrified about delivering. I was blessed with a comfortable and easy pregnancy so I was happy to have him stay right where he was rather than trying to imagine how I could possibly deliver an almost 8 lb baby.

The one thing I did know was that I wanted as few interventions in the delivery process as possible. The thought of forceps and vacuums and perineum tears and emergency C-sections gave me more anxiety than the thought of a natural birth. I created my birth plan based on this.

By week 38 I knew for sure that Xay would be early, he just seemed so low and so ready. I was predicting Friday the 13th or Saturday the 14th but was just hoping whenever it was, it was during the hours of my OB and not during the World Cup Final on July 15th!

My hospital bag was only 1/2 packed and I was waiting for my mom to arrive on the 10th, with my new Lily Jade diaper bag and the labour and delivery gown that ordered online to her house.

On Saturday night July 7, I made an extra creamy, extra cheesy, Mac and Cheese.

Sunday morning around 6 AM I woke up to thinking “oh God, too much cheese “ I felt like I needed to uh-um.. settle into the bathroom for a while. I got up and tried a few times but couldn’t go. At some point that morning, I also noticed that I was leaking a little but thought that the baby has dropped so much, he’s sitting on my bladder and I’m peeing myself a little.


I didn’t think that I could be in labour because it was too early and I had too much to do.

So I cleaned the guest bathroom and attempted to finish cleaning the basement through increasing shortness of breath throughout the day.

Contractions started irregularly that afternoon and I realized I wasn’t peeing myself, I was leaking amniotic fluid.

Mild contractions continued all through the night. They woke me up every 15 minutes. I could do nothing other than sit cross-legged on the bed through each. The next morning at 6 AM I texted my Doula Sonya, to let her know the baby was coming that day! I haphazardly threw whatever else I thought I needed into my hospital bag.

We’re having a baby!

I knew the hospital wouldn’t admit me until contractions were about 4 minutes apart for 1 minute in length for an hour. I breathed through the contractions all day at home while Jon rubbed my back, helped me up, got me soup and gave me all the support needed to know that I could do this! The only way I could handle contractions was standing up bent over with my butt in the air, my arms resting on something and swaying back and forth.

Around 3:30 PM I couldn’t wait any longer, it was GO TIME! Flash to me trying to stand up in the car through two contractions!

Not my finest moment!

When we arrived at the hospital we were put in a triage room. I was checked around 4:45 PM and was 4cm dilated. They confirmed that my membrane had ruptured and I was slowly leaking my waters. Thank God for no messy, public water break!

My Doula arrived shortly after with a bag full of coping tools, right as contractions began back to back.  

About an hour later, I managed to walk to the delivery room. By 6:45 PM I was 7cm dilated. I still didn’t need pain meds, but believe me, every contraction was intense.

7:20 PM I moved to the shower to help through the contractions. Jon sat with me, rubbing my back. In the background, we had our Bluetooth speaker playing music. There was only a nurse and a student in the room letting us do our thing! The worst of the contractions started and it felt like baby was coming now! I had to get out of the shower immediately.

I started to doubt if I could do it without Meds or at least some nitrous oxide, I started to lose control a little. I stopped my rhythmic breathing and started crying… but Sonya reminded that I COULD do it and I was doing great.  I remembered our Labour and Delivery classes and hearing that a woman’s body was designed for this…I was in the transition phase of labour.

It felt like I had to push NOW!

At 8:08PM they checked me again and I was fully dilated. What a relief! I couldn’t imagine the contractions getting worse.

I laid on my left side and began pushing during the contractions. Between pushes, I looked down at how embarrassingly, ashy dry my legs had gotten from the shower and asked Jon to grab my lotion to put on for me. Priorities right!

I pushed through maybe 4 more contractions and when I could feel the baby’s head was in position they called the doctor. Of course, It wasn’t my regular OB, but it really didn’t matter at that point!

I stayed on my side and continued to push. Suddenly my brain took over and I looked down at the doctor and said:

“ you guys this really hurts!!“  She responded with “well you’re delivering a baby!!!!’” 

I was laughing with the Doctor. And then was again laughing when she told me if I don’t hold my legs I would end up kicking her off the bed. I Iooked at the 4 people standing at the end of the bed and responded with “can’t someone else do it” Turns out they don’t use stirrups like in the movies! It amazes me that in the most pain I’ve ever been in, I could still have a smile and a laugh! At 8:55 PM my sweet baby boy was born to Lauryn Hill – Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You playing in the background. We were later told that the umbilical cord was wrapped loosely around his neck but was easily removed by the doctor.

They placed him on my chest and it took my breath away to finally meet Xavier. I remember thinking “it’s you!” Like I had known him all along. I was given over an hour of skin to skin time and allowed to breastfeed right away before they took him to be weighed – 7lbs 10 ounces and perfect.


I couldn’t have asked for a better birth experience. The time before birth was spent learning all I could through labour and delivery classes and taking the necessary steps to prepare mentally for a positive birth experience. It still amazes me that it went exactly as planned. The nurses and doctors at the Royal Alexandra Hospital were all amazing, and I can’t say enough good things about Sonya from Full Circle Birth Collective. I  was so proud of myself for sticking with doing a natural delivery and I was so proud of my husband for how supportive and amazing he was through the entire process.

That night I was already up and walking and the next day we left the hospital with our healthy baby boy!

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