DIY Cake Smash Photo Shoot

Xavier turned one in July. I really wanted to do a cake smash for him, but professional studio photos can be expensive, plus Xavier is not always himself in strange situations.

We decided to set up a DIY cake smash at home. WAAAAY before his birthday, I knew I wanted a neutral, greenery cake smash, so a few weeks prior to his birthday,  I started pinning some ideas on Pinterest.

Xavier was really funny, he immediately took the cake topper, broke it in half and started using it as a spoon. It wasn’t until we showed him, did he start grabbing handfuls of cake and really getting into it.

It was actually really easy to set up, and while cleaning up your baby after is a bit of a challenge, it’s so fun to see their reaction and to have the photos to keep forever! I’ve listed everything we used to create this cake smash below.

My top tips for a DIY cake smash photo shoot:
1) Use a camera that allows you to adjust the shutter speed (or auto adjusts) to avoid blurry images.

2) A few days prior to the shoot look for the best location in your house, at the same time of day that you want to do the shoot to avoid a lot of sun or shadows

3) Set up your cake smash near a window so you can use natural light

4) Have someone else help you with the shoot – one to place the cake down in front of your baby and help keep/hold baby’s attention while the other takes the photos.



Cake Stand –  Homesense – find similar HERE or HERE
Handmade wood cake topper – from HERE
Cake – we purchased a vanilla cake from our local grocery store and scrapped majority of the icing off to make it look like a naked cake
Jeans with suspenders – H&M from HERE
White Bulletin Board Paper Roll – Staples or Michaels – 48″ wide
Boxwood Green Garland  – Michaels – similar  HERE or HERE
Live greens – Israeli Ruscus – from any local florist/grocery store


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