Top 7 Travel Apps or websites you need for your next trip


Booking accommodation, creating your itinerary, packing and being on the go is so much easier with these 7 apps or websites.

Booking your Trip

1. Google Flights
Google Flights looks for the best option in all air companies, booking systems and agencies and finds where you can buy the lowest fair ticket. Ticket prices are generally less expensive than other booking websites. We have sometimes found flights for hundreds of dollars cheaper!

Select the flight you want and you will be sent to the website of an agency or an air company to book your ticket directly from their website.

You can also create flight alerts to track price changes and receive price alerts and travel tips by email.

2. TripAdvisor
TripAdvisor is my go-to app for finding hotel and bed and breakfast reservations. Thousands of traveller reviews allow you to see just what others think of the properties. Guest uploaded photos show you what  the properties really look like after the professional photographers leave.

TripAdvisor is linked with several online booking companies so it shows you which site is offering the lowest price.

One recommendation, while the traveller reviews are helpful in narrowing down your search, take them  with a grain of salt as sometimes they can be misleading.

3. Airbnb
Airbnb allows you to search for rental houses or condos in your desired location. You can search for just a room or the whole house  rental and prices are generally lower than the price per night of standard hotel.

Staying in an Airbnb property gives you more independent, authentic stay as you live as if you are a local.

4. Tripit
Tripit creates amazing itemized itineraries for you to view within the app or online. All you have to do is forward a confirmation email to tripit and it produces a detailed itinerary.

You can see all your travel plans in one place, on any device.

Email or print your trip itinerary or follow your trip as you go within the app for check in, check out times, hotel address or flight times. This app is super convenient if you have multiple flights as all booking numbers are stored and easily assessable offline.


5. PackPoint Packing Lists
I leave packing to the last minute… always. PackPoint packing list travel app creates a packing list based on the destination you enter. Edit, add or delete the items and print out your list to ensure that when you do finally get around to packing, nothing is forgotten.


While on your trip

6. Google Translate
If you’re doing any World travelling, there will inevitably come a time where you will have slim to no understanding of the local language. The Google Translate app helps make things so much easier! Google Translate can translate multiple forms of text and media; including writing, speech and  images. So, if you need to communicate with a local you can type the information in English and it will translate to the requested language. What’s really cool about the app is the live translate option where you can hold up the app over a local sign and it will immediately display it in English.

7. Maps.Me
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ is a really great offline map that allows you to navigate all over the world. I can’t tell how much this app has saved us from wandering in circles trying to find our destination or walking extra km’s by taking the wrong way!

Simply download the location map before you go to any city or island over a wifi connection and use the map to search locations and points of interest wherever you’re visiting offline.

This map will take you the shortest route when navigating, so it may take you off the main roads and through the side streets

Recommendation: make sure you bring a battery charging pack for your phone as this app will drain your battery while navigating.

img_8091Happy planning!



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