Halloween Advent Calendar

Halloween Advent Calendar

This Halloween countdown calendar was such a fun and easy DIY to create, I’m sharing all the details below! 

I love Halloween! It’s a very close 2nd to Christmas, of course. Since having a child who loves it as much as me, we go all out, from multiple costumes to decorations.

This year, Xay had woken up on several mornings and asked if it was Halloween yet. Explaining it’s a month away to a 3-year-old means nothing, so I wanted to create a fun visual representation of the number of days we have to wait. I decided to make a Halloween Advent Calendar.

A mini storage drawer cabinet was perfect because the drawers allowed us to put little treats or toys in each day. I found a 30 drawer storage cabinet on Amazon HERE, spray painted it black and used prints to glue on the front of each drawer.

I can’t wait to share what else I have up my sleeve for October!

Do you go all out for Halloween? Let me know in the comments

How to make this Halloween Advent Calendar

I started by removing all the drawers and spray painting the cabinet black.

To create the drawers, we turned them around so they would be flat and gluedDIY Halloween Advent Calendar the Halloween prints on the inside of each. I made the Halloween prints on Canva. The ghosts were printed on purple paper to add a little bit of colour. I’ve linked a free download to the 8 1/2 x 11 pages below.


Since the drawers were flat, we needed something to open them. I found these craft rings at Micheals and hot glued one to the front of each drawer.

DIY Halloween Advent Calendar

We cut out some numbers from magazines to make each calendar day. Once everything was dried, I filled each day with treats and goodies.


Halloween Advent Calendar



Halloween Advent Calendar Drawer List 

Halloween Candy/treats
Halloween Socks
Monster Gloves
Glow Sticks
Fruit Snacks
Mini Gel Markers

Halloween Advent Calendar

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