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March 2017

Fashion | Hints of Spring

Posted in Fashion, Style
on March 24, 2017

MaisonSimons - Blush Coat

Is it just me… or has black and grey been declared the official colours of winter? Every year at the beginning of winter I say that i’m going to add colour to my winter wardrobe, and by the end of January somehow my closet is dominated by black coats and grey sweaters. Sound familiar?

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Travel | La Boca – The Colourful Houses in Buenos Aires’ Open Air Museum

Posted in South America, Travel
on March 14, 2017

La Boca - Mannequins

The La Boca Neighborhood – or more particularly “El Caminito” street at first glance looks like a wonderful tourist neighborhood where you can find bright colourful houses, tango, museums and art. It is listed as a must see in Buenos Aires. It is an interesting area to visit, and I found that knowing its history can make your visit a lot more meaningful. We were fortunate to have had a quick history lesson on the area, from the management team at our hotel, prior to going. Here’s what we learned…

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